Book Review: The Girl In The Hoodie by Life_is_overrated19

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Today I am giving a Book Review and Recommendation of Wattpad novel ‘The Girl in the Hoodie’.

The Girl in the Hoodie is a Wattpad novel, written by life_is_overrated19 aka K. This novel received 12 million reads and 388k votes on Wattpad.

From the title, you already get that it’s a story about a girl, who wears a hoodie. Bailey Washington, a shy and a girl, known as mute and her presence was never anyone’s concern. But no one ever wants to get in her path. During school, everyone bullies her and tries to see her face, but she always hides her face from all.

Bailey is not like any other normal girl, her life is a living hell. Her father beats her and left her body numerous marks. He hates her because of his wife, who run away and he put all blame on Bailey.

One day Jax entered her life to cure her. He never tried to see her face and talked her through chits. Once Bailey reached home late and her father beats a lot. Next day in school, she collapsed and Jax took her to his house. His mother is a nurse and helps Bailey, without seeing her face.

Bailey and Jax soon get close but when her father know this what will gonna happen?

Well, you need to read it to know more. While reading it, you’ll feel the pain from which Bailey was dealing with from many years and a love Jax showered to a girl, whose face he never saw.

My ratings for the book is 5/5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The book is free on Wattpad can be read offline as well. I’ll provide the like below. I highly recommend it.

For any query and inquiry, you can Contact me.

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