The story behind your name

Everyone will remember that movie under the name Simran, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, the character of the female lead in this movie was named Simran.

When I was born, this movie was very much discussed and my great uncle named me Simran and everyone started calling me with the same name and got him writing the same name in school.

The mother who gave birth to me was not even asked what her daughter’s name should be, Mummy wanted to name my name ‘Anshika’ and it will remained a dream.

By the way, I have many names ‘nicknames’, everyone calls me by their choice of names.

‘Betu’ for uncle
So ‘simmi’, ‘simmo’, ‘semi’ for friends
My aunt grandmother used to call me ‘sumiran’.

At one time my name was also ‘Dolly’, the family of my mother’s side used to call me by this name but with time everyone started calling ‘Simran’.

Saying ‘Senorita’, my cousins still tease me today.

If I had the choice, I would have kept another name, by the way, the character of that name is also in my novel.

In childhood, I have insisted on keeping my name ‘khushi’.

The name Simran means very well ‘Meditation’ and the correct pronunciation of this name is ‘Sumiran’ or ‘Smaran’ which means to remember God.

If you searched this name on google, then what was associated with this name is exactly the same in me, so this name is perfect for me.

If you call this name, then somewhere you are remembering God, as Kabir Das has also said in his couplet.

“दुख मे सुमिरन सब करे, सुख मे करे ना कोई
जो सुख मे सुमिरन करे तो दुख काहे को होए कबीरा
दुख काहे को होए कबीरा”


Remember god not only in sadness but also in happiness

Forgot to say one thing, my zodiac name is ‘Himani’, at one time my Facebook id was of the same name😉(For those who searched me on Facebook before).

Just as there are so many stories behind my name, so will there be behind your name.

Do share your story behind your name with me as well.

Comment below ⬇️

Would love to hear.

Have a great rest of your day!


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